10 Ridiculously Powerful Trading Strategies For Beginners

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Traders started out shorting the pair without waiting for a test of the PP and they shorted it till it was stopped at the S2. Support level S2 was retested once more, and when it held firm, the market drove the price up to the pivot level. There are several ways to trade with these calculated pivot points but we will focus on the pivot point break trading strategy. The reason why pivot point strategies are so popular is that those levels are predictive as opposed to lagging. Traders use the information of the previous trading day to calculate the reversal points, or breakout levels, for the current trading day. A pivot point in trading is the sum of an asset’s previous trading day high, close and low prices, divided by three.

The good news is that these professional trading techniques can be learned by anyone willing to put in the time. You don’t need to have a special talent to become a professional trader, but you need to have the right mindset and an actually proven edge. Yet another scalping strategy is placing a buy-and-sell position in the middle.This way, if the price goes down, the scalper can close the sell trade and make a profit. When the price goes back up, they will then close the buy trade at around breakeven level or a little loss. Using this pattern, sell profit outweighs the buy loss, and the scalper makes a profit.

  • In addition to this, traders might also choose to close the position themselves based on a technical indicator or unexpected movements in the price action.
  • They’ll keep repeating this until the price finally breaks out from between the support and resistance forex levels.
  • This strategy has many potential risks and requires traders with a stable mentality, a strategy, good analytical ability and quick reaction.
  • However, while trading using technical analysis, only the price trends and volume information matter, making technical analysis easier.

If you’re too in love with your trading vehicle or investment, you give way to flawed decision-making. It’s your job to capitalize on inefficiency, making money while everyone else is leaning the wrong way. Profits rarely come from following the majority or the crowd. When you see a perfect trade the physician philosopher setup, it’s likely that everyone else sees it as well, planting you in the crowd, and setting you up for failure. Update your trading plan weekly or monthly to include new ideas and eliminate bad ones. Go back and read the plan whenever you fall in a hole and are looking for a way to get out.

Accept them gracefully and stick to the time-tested strategies you know will eventually get your performance back on track. Long-term profitability requires positioning ahead of or behind the crowd, but never in the crowd because that’s where predatory strategies target. Stay away from stock boards and chat rooms, where people are less than serious and many of them have ulterior motives. Discipline can’t be taught in a seminar or found in expensive trading software. Traders spend thousands of dollars trying to compensate for their lack of self-control but few realize that a long look in the mirror accomplishes the same task at a much lower price. The important lesson is that, once a trader has confidence in their trading plan, they must have the discipline to stay the course, even when there are the inevitable losing streaks.

Forex Trend Trading Strategies

But there comes a point where you need to take some risks. Just because a system has a small sample size or a choppy equity curve doesn’t mean you should ignore it. By combining other factors or edges, it may be possible to turn a not-so-good trading strategy into a good one. It may seem counterintuitive, but systematic traders can be quite risk averse. After all, we use systems because we want more assurance that we will make money. We want to see evidence of profit before we put down our hard-earned money.

Ryan Eichler holds a B.S.B.A with a concentration in Finance from Boston University. He has held positions in, and has deep experience with, expense auditing, personal finance, real estate, as well as fact checking & editing. First, the world’s most talented traders are good at exploiting their edge. Trading foreign exchange on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors.

professional trading strategies

Spikes in volatility are common during new events and it can mislead traders. So, be aware of what’s on the forex calendar for the day in question. A breakout that looks as if it had happened but did not continue onwards in the direction of the break is called a false break. What is false is not the break that occurred, but your profitable moving average forex strategies conclusion about its trajectory. You have to be able to quickly read the price action, the candlesticks that are forming at the moment of the break and soon afterwards to understand how the break is materializing. In the chart above, the EUR/USD started the day below the PP level, which signalled a short bias for the day.

Depending on the situation, you can hold on good trades for days, weeks, months, or even years. You look at the charts in the morning, plan your trades, and set alerts on your mobile. During the day, if there’s an alert and if you are free, you can execute the forex technical analysis software trade on your mobile or desktop. You look at the charts in the morning before you go to work or at night. You then plan your trades and execute them on the daily or higher timeframe. You may have been caught in the loop of learning strategy after strategy.


Here’s a trend-following trade that retraced to the Fibonacci 50% level before shooting back down. This is a ‘Hard mode’ strategy with a short to midterm holding timeframe. This type of trade is like a cross between the medium and the long term frames.

professional trading strategies

Yes, you can swing-trade XRP if you have the right strategy. Swing trading involves holding a position for a few days to a few weeks. Swing traders typically trade on the daily timeframe, as they try to capture the price swings on that timeframe.

# 5 Value Investing

Joe Marwood is an independent trader and investor specialising in financial market analysis and trading systems. He worked as a professional futures trader for a trading firm in London and has a passion for building mechanical trading strategies. He has been in the market since 2008 and working with Amibroker since 2011. The adrenaline rush from figuring out a profitable trading system replaced the buzz from nailing a high risk trade. There’s a steep learning curve to creating profitable trading strategies and I greatly underestimated the effort that would be needed to build just one system. To ensure maximum profitability, scalpers need to ensure that they have access to real-time data, a direct-access broker, and the stamina required to place several trades in any given day.

professional trading strategies

There is a resistance level at the top and a support level below. On a normal day, prices can range between these two levels for a long time before breaking out either upwards or downwards. A large number of traders will simply place their entry point at either the upper rejection point or the lower one. Then, they’ll patiently wait for prices to rise or fall, depending on the option they chose.

The trendline trading strategy helps traders enter or stay in a trend. When any part of the price bar penetrates the line on the downside, support may have been broken, or the trendline becomes unreliable. The second short position (Sell #2) followed in the same month and allowed traders to take the market to an even greater low of +300 pips. The third short position (Sell #3) would have been much trickier to stay on board without getting stopped out. Having a deep understanding of the market is crucial to your success as a system trader.

Example: ShortTrades

You don’t need to buy that shit lol dude does not have a golden nugget in there that will make you profitable. He is most likely a clown if he’s charging that much for his “book”. Looking at the contents makes me laugh, it’s unbelievable he’s charging that much for what’s inside. “I’m up 50% in ALL my accounts. If you want a one-stop shop with all the information that you need to consistently make profitable trades, become a LiveTrader.” You can read my articles about the best forex brokers on this page.

In summary, becoming a professional trader involves the same probabilities as with any other performance activity. While you can employ some of the best professional trading techniques, without the proper mindset you’re still doomed to fail. Next, we’re going to share with you an indicator-based strategy. This will prove to you that you can trade successfully even with indicators not just price action. Other professional trading techniques used by many pro traders are to take one good trade at a time.

Don’t Count Your Chickens

Many technical analysts highly favor a technical approach to determine price movements. Using various chart patterns and technical tools & indicators to evaluate asset value. Few trend indicators you need to keep an eye on are moving averages, Bollinger Bands, Moving Averages Convergence Divergence , Relative Strength Index , On Balance Volume . With intraday trading prices displayed in real-time charts, scalpers can observe the price action of derivatives. Using known indicators, scalpers try to predict how the price will move in the next few minutes.

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